DIY Christmas Ornaments Crafts Ideas that are Unique


DIY Balloon String Ornament

This craft idea will be loved by kids and you can be assured of lot of help from them in making these ornaments this Christmas season. They are very simple to make and you will thoroughly enjoy making them at home.


Prepare the work area with a plastic as this can get messy. Get your supplies ready and within reach. Inflate the colorful balloons in any desired size. The large sized balloons will need more strings to cover. Mix some glue with water in a large container and dampen the string with this diluted glue for using it on the balloon. Cut the strings into 3 or 4 feet sections for making it easy to use. Dip the string in glue making sure it doesn’t tangle. Remove any excess glue by running it through your finger. Wrap the string around the balloon in any which way. There is no hard and fast rule. Change the color of the strings as you wish.

Continue until the balloon is surrounded by the string and make sure there is no gaps in between that is larger than the tip of your index finger. There should not be any loose strings and all of them should be stuck to the balloon properly. Hang the balloons where it can dry properly.


When the glue dries, and the string is stiff, pop the balloon and remove it from the center. Display and enjoy these homemade ornaments this Christmas.


DIY Paw Print Salt dough Ornaments

So you got a new pet in the family and to make this day memorable for you and your family, make some paw print salt dough ornaments. To make these ornaments you will need a few supplies ready, like salt, flour, water, matte finish mod podge, paint, and glitter and gold paint. Mix together all the ingredients. Knead the ingredients until they turn doughy. If the dough is too sticky you can add some more flour.

Roll the dough on the cooking counter with a rolling pin until it is about ¼ inch to ½ inch thick. Use plastic cups to cut out the circles. Make sure the cup is large than your pets paw. Now, gently press your pets paw onto the dough to make an imprint. Use a straw to make holes for the ribbon. Transfer the circles onto a parchment lined baking sheet and bake them at 225 degree F for 2 to 3 hours. They should be completely dry.


Once done, the dough ornaments are ready to be painted with glue and glitter. Any acrylic paint can be used to paint them. Paint the paw print in some bright color and the background in a light shade. You can even add some glitter and once it is dry add a color coordinated ribbon and bow. You can stick an extra ribbon or a tie to the ornament. Work around with ideas and come out with some unique colors and patterns this Christmas season.



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