DIY Christmas Ornaments Crafts Ideas that are Unique


Raw Wood Stained Rustic Ornaments

This Christmas go for the rustic wood ornaments. The rustic look of the wood makes this ornament very attractive on the Christmas tree. All you need for making this ornament is unfinished wooden ornaments, dark walnut wood stain, foam brushes, white acrylic paint and sandpaper.


These readymade rustic ornaments are just perfect for any occasion as they have beautiful shape and catch everyone’s attention.


To get started, we need to stain the ornaments by using a foam brush. Apply the stain all over the ornament and slowly wipe off any excess. Make sure they reach all the gaps and patterns.


Allow the ornaments to dry and then paint them with white paint. Use a different foam brush and paint and brush all around the ornament. Allow it to dry. Once dried, take 220 grit sandpaper and rough it up a little to give it a distressed look.


Tie a twine at the top ring for hanging it on the Christmas tree.


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