DIY Christmas Ornaments Crafts Ideas that are Unique


Unique DIY Glitter Coastal Ornament Ideas

Gifting during the holidays is so much fun; you are busy selecting gift for your loved ones and even waiting to get your gifts too. The beach themed Christmas ornament ideas are just perfect for gifting as well as for hanging on the Christmas tree this holiday season.

  • Take a large clear plastic round ornament
  • Collect some items that are usually associated with beach like shells, sand, driftwood, and starfish.
  • To add glitter to the ornament, you can add some dust glitter to the sand.
  • To make the ornament look like a beachfront related gift, make a beach sign out from paper and wooden skewer. Use a hot glue to put the pieces together. Make sure the skewer is long enough to go to the top of the ornament. The narrow ornament top will hold it upright.
  • Getting the beach sign was easy. Now wrap the paper edges around the pencil and carefully slid it in. Straighten it out once in place.
  • To give the beach effect to the ornament spray paint the ornament top with the favorite Beachy blue color. Tie a twine and gold glitter ribbon bow on top.


  • Finally, your DIY beach themed ornament is ready to be gifted or hanged on the Christmas tree.


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