DIY Christmas Ornaments Crafts Ideas that are Unique


Do-it-Yourself Christmas Ornaments Crafts Ideas that are Unique

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is coming!! It is the busiest and the happiest time of year. There is a lot to do at home. Decorating homes begins a month before the Christmas day. Welcoming the holiday season and celebrating the spirit of Christmas makes us all very happy and joyful. Decorating the house and the Christmas tree provides a lot of inspiration. Making jewelry and ornaments on your own for Christmas is very special. The following article sheds light on the various DIY Christmas ornaments and craft ideas to try out this Christmas. Get inspired by these designs and be creative.

DIY Acorn Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Christmas Ornaments

To make acorn ornaments you will have to go on a hunt in the open to find some acorn caps to make these ornaments. If you can’t get these or are living in an area where there are no oak trees, then look at some online sites, which sell these.

Christmas Ornaments

Make sure the marbles that you have selected suit the acorn caps as all caps will not fit. Drill two holes in the acorn caps on each side of the stem.

Cut 5 inch section of twine for equal number of acorn caps and marbles to pair them together. Tie a knot on the outside of the acorn cap for the acorn necklaces so it becomes easier to tie them. For the acorn marble ornaments go for the glue method. Glue the knot from inside the acorn cap so that they look beautiful on the tree.

Thread a 5 inch jute twine through the holes that were pre-drilled into the acorn cap. Tie the twine together so that the knot is inside.


Glue marbles to the acorn by using a glue gun to apply glue on the insides of the acorn cap. Place the marble quickly inside so that the glue doesn’t dry. Make sure you take all safety precautions while working with any adhesives.


The rustic acorn Christmas ornaments look very nice on a Christmas tree. These handmade crafts are great for gifting too.


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