On the international design competition for a new international Mexico city airport  won the Foster + Partners, the FR-EE  and NACO . New Mexico City Airport – Foster + Partners is the most sustainable airport in the world’s, the single compact terminal uses less energy and than a cluster of buildings.

new mexico city airport source

It is expected to increase the number of passengers up to 2028 years, and its development will be a catalyst for the development environment. Service of whole building is located below, thereby releasing the roof panels and pipes and with this reveals the  skin environmental.

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mexico city airportsource

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New Mexico city airport by Foster + Partners the power of the sun, collects rainwater, directs daylight enables views and provides shading .With spans three times larger than conventional airport, ranges of more than 100 meters, it is monumental building inspired from Mexican  symbolism and architecture . Completion and opening of the Mexico city airport is expected to be 2018 years.new mexico city airport by Foster + Partnerssource

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new mexico city airport by Foster + Partners 1source


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