Courchevel  is located in the heart of Les Trois vallees (three valleys)-one of the largest ski resorts in the world. Courchevel is consists from five resort towns located at different heights. Mountain  chalet K2 is part of the ski resort Courchevel 1850. It has 5 bedrooms and extends to almost 500 square meters. Exclusive cottage offers the perfect balance between traditional and modern. The  chalet K2  e has a modern spa salon, equipped fitness center, room for children and youth, nightclub, ski shop. The house has a beautiful view of the mountains and picturesque valley. Each villa has a spacious living room with fireplace, home theater, its own bar, a fully equipped modern kitchen and dining room. Each villa has 5 bedrooms with wardrobe and bathroom.

Luxury Chalet K2 in Courchevel, the French AlpssourceChalet-K2-Courchevel-sourceChalet-K2-Courchevel-1sourceK2-Bar-AreasourceLuxury Chalet K2 in Courchevel, the French Alps 1sourceLuxury Chalet K2 in Courchevel, the French Alps 2source


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