Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas

Author of Shabby chic interior design is the English designer Rachel Ashwell.Shabby chic style interior is relatively new and is probably the youngest of all others. Shabby chic first appeared in Britain in the late 1980s.Basic features of this style are mandatory use of very bright colors like lilac ivory, cream, light pink and sky blue, coffee and peach color.Obligatory attribute of this style should be platinum. This oxide-carbonate layer is formed by oxidation or naturally during the time, or by artificial means.

shabby chic interior design ideas

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When editing Shabby chic should have strict geometric lines.
Furniture- vintage or ancient. It can be furniture in Rococo and Baroque style. Furniture should be fancy though it is old and damaged with time. A practicality and originality of this furniture can give coverings made from natural materials in light pastel shades.

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The walls in this style are often white with a rough texture that mimics the style of craftsmen, old plaster or “flakiness” of color. You can use wallpaper with decoration: roses, angels, chandeliers, etc.
Ceiling in this style is usually white but may be in another bright color, it can have a crack.

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