Metallic Nails Designs To Try Now

Metallic nails  is one of the main trends for a long time now. These nails are called also mirror nails or Hollywood nails. Nails with this type of design look smooth, irresistible. Do you dear ladies like metallic nails ? Or even maybe you have tried this trend on this nails. Metallic glow looks good in everyday life and in elegant evening out as well. That is why; the experts constantly offer more and more new ways to create this effect on the nails.

metallic nail designs

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Unfortunately there is still no perfect nail polish with perfect metallic color. And because of that, you can use silver or gold nail polish and then apply mean marking with mirror. It will give the nails metallic glow.

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If you are searching for flawless quality use heat-resistant film or foil. It is necessary to hold it for a while under source of heat (it can be a normal light bulb) and it’s ready for covering the nails. You will just need to after it to carefully remove the extra with scissors. Very practical. But, the problem is in the fact that is very hard to find a high quality resistant to heat film or foil.

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Special chore powder which is applied on shellac. This is the newest way for nail design with metallic glow “metallic nails”.

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