Lusail Katara Hotel in Doha, Qatar

The Hotel of the future is Lusail Katara Hotel in Doha, Qatar. This wonderful hotel is designed for five-star luxurious status. It contains hotel rooms, residence apartments, sports facilities, offices, specialty boutiques, excellent restaurants a total of approximately 800 units. It is expected that the hotel will be fully in function 2017 year. Is planned that the Lusail Marina Iconic Development will be built in the neighbourhood of the Lusail Marina – the latest planned urban center in the Gulf state. The hotel of the future is anticipated to be located on the Gulf coast and 15km north of downtown Doha. The Lusail will provide accommodation for up to 250,000 people.

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The architectural design is inspired by the oriental taste of Qatar, this property is set to become the top hospitality in Lusail. Architectonic, the crossed swords represent twin arched towers that rise gracefully from the podium.

Lusail Katara Hotel in Doha, Qatar 4sourceLusail Katara Hotel in Doha, Qatar 3source

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